Kompany Malakhi

Kompany Malakhi is an innovative dance and physical theatre company based in London, UK. We produce high quality work that is informed by and for today’s sophisticated audiences. Our work combines a wealth of new and established art forms as well as extreme sport, that reflect a current and diverse society. The passion at the heart of the company is to bring vernacular culture to theatre and theatre to urban environments. Read more

Projects & Perfomances

The Carnival – a charismatic collision of opera and circus

Escape into a carnival of danger and delight – where light is dark, where women grow tails, where opera meets circus… When a single shock announcement ends her dreamy dollhouse life, materialistic Mischa is caught in a storm and swallowed by a nightmare. Transported to a otherworldly circus ruled by the enigmatic ringmaster named Night, [...]

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Education & Participation

Education Programme

The company has gained a strong reputation for its education and participation work and its ability to stimulate, motivate and create new audiences and revisit existing ones.

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Educational Workshops


Language Of Rhythm

Our Language of Rhythm workshop develops innovative rhythmic structure to make music and finds different ways to create movement.

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Workshop FAQs

Kompany Malakhi’s workshops are authentic and unique, we specialize in delivering Physical Theatre, a variety of dance styles with a rich multi disciplined approach to movement based performing arts.

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