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A Hip Hop Story – The Remix (2003/2006)

The project grew out of a need to counter-act the corporate image of Hip Hop we are sold by the media.

With a focus on gangster rap and negative imagery, it is no surprise that Hip Hop culture is looked upon by the masses unfavourably. It is important to inform young and old what the true philosophy of Hip Hop is, to enable all to separate fact from fiction, and appreciate the positive message and focus it can bring.

Choregpraphy: Kwesi Johnson and the cast
Direction: Kwesi Johnson
Administration: Independance
Dramturgy: Amit Lehav
Film: Kole Onile-ere
Editing: Dennis Alexander
Set and visuals: Roma Patel
Costume: Annie Curtis-Jones
Lighting Design: Mark Parry
Composer: Xan Coker
Stage Manager: Simon Broadbridge

Cast: Franqey Luce, Shailesh Bahoran, ‘Joey D’, Joseph Dart, ‘Whosayin’ Money’ Husain Zahir, ‘Shortman’ Matt Black , William Byrd Wilkins, ‘DJ Mantus’, Lloyd Lawrence


Choregpraphy: Clyde Evans Jr., Kwesi Johnson and the cast
Direction: Amani Naphtali
Administration: Independance
Costume: Belinda Ackerman
Lighting: Michael Mannion
Stage Manager: Roger Kitsis

Cast: ‘Beyonder’ Robert Asere, ‘DJ Mantus’, Lloyd Lawrence, ‘Whosayin’ Money’ Husain Zahir, ‘Epic Phlave ‘Markus Tucker , ‘Flitz’ Amra Rickets

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