Huhmmmm project – Day 3

It was a much lighter feeling today, we didn't really need to add many more ideas, we spent time making our original concepts richer, and having a good time doing it.

A result!

Play is important. It’s tricky because we have to just spend this time that I’m here, working on the collaborative section of the piece, and then we work away from each other when I return to the UK. Then as I said we have 5 days to pull it together in August. It’s going to be fine though. It has a feel of a ritual, in the sense that the community are involved in the performance, not performing per se but their input from placing objects in certain places and witnessing image, music and movement. The public’s contribution is key. We feel this is really important that they contribute to the final result.

One of the main issues when creating any type of art in Vietnam, unless you are a state run company, then one has to get permission from the government to present anything. They have to see a preview a few days before the public do. They are checking that nothing is being said against the country or the way the government runs it. It has been known to stop releases of films, literature and visual art if it doesn’t tick the correct boxes. It must be frustrating as an artist, as that is what we do, we shed light and bring fourth alternatives.

We have a meeting with the authorities on Monday to run our ideas by them. I’ll let you know how we get on. I’ll let you in on some of the ideas when they have some more meat on the bones.

That’s it for now
Until next time

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