Huhmmmm project – Day 8

We had a revealing day today, apart from me getting lost on my scooter (not the children’s type), and seeing parts of Ha Noi that I may never have done, and waiting for a class to finish in the studio.

We spoke for about two hours of different ways to approach some of the sections. We are establishing improvised sections and set moments. There was a misunderstanding through translation, there was a point where I thought Duc had said that sometimes in an improvisation in performance he will do something and jump off the agreed improv objective and not tell the other dancers. It resulted in a really interesting conversation as I was asking, ‘How can you then communicate with the other dancers to achieve your objective, if you go off track without saying or making clear what the intention is’. Some may say well it’s not improv if one has an intention. But by deciding not have in intention, this becomes an intention, so there is always an intention.

Anyhow, he wasn’t saying he would go off on a tangent from the idea, but it sparked a good conversation. It was also interesting that they are not so concerned with fixing material, which was intimated on our first few days. That’s great for me as long as there is some type of structure to the improv, some meeting points etc. The greatest musicians can improvise all night, but they have to set parameters, such as the key they are playing in and the style of music.

What he was saying was that he doesn’t like to fix everything in a performance so he can find new things all the time. Also free thinking and improv is his individual expression, after tiring of things that are so set e.g. technical training or maybe socialist governments. Some things fell into place in my understanding, for example Duc not wanting to write things down, again it could be seen as a reaction to a particular ‘ism’

None of this is negative, it’s about finding ways of understanding or at least accepting, which is what the super objective of the piece is.

More soon

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