Huhmmmm project – Second visit part 3

The final video blogs from Kwesi's Vietnam Huhmmmm project.

Video blog 16/10/09

Video blog 21/10/09

After all was said and done, this was one of the most amazing projects I’ve had the pleasure to be involved in. Not only was it making a significant contribution to the art history of Vietnam, but also taking art to the people to allow them to make their own minds up if they enjoy it or not. Rather than cultural gatekeepers saying, ‘This is good or this isn’t’. Yes there will always be an element of this, but it allowed people to experience art in their community rather than in the theatre.

See the Huhmmmm performance pages for images and video footage.

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  1. Claire on August 3, 2010

    Wow! I am so excited to have come across this piece of work. What an interesting project. I get it!
    Great to see you after 18 years! I have just listened to the last blog.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. luke horsman on August 8, 2010

    when i got home to tell my mum about you i couldn’t because i was lost for words and my mum said thats a first.
    because you guys were absolutly amazing

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