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Kompany Malakhi continues to present groundbreaking theatre with their innovative  project – Freestyle Forums. The show fuses freestyle rap, physical and forum theatre to create witty, tongue-tying tales of modern life told to a distinctive backdrop of rhymes and rhythm.

Enter a stage where the story is about you, for and even by you! Freestyle Forums allows the audience to stop and shape the action. Witness gripping tales of reality revealed with the lyrical flair of the UK’s finest Freestyle Rappers, as they unify to deliver an unbroken poetic flow of verse, movement and theatre. The show includes Freestyle World Record holder – Ruffstylz, Oneness, KMT, MC Angel, Maxwell Golden, Kimba, and Offkey in an electrifying show of raw energy, spontaneity and lyrical alchemy.

Freestyle Forums is presented in collaboration with Nitro Music Theatre and is also supported by Bridge Learning Campus. The show has been carefully devised employing a framework for participation and education workshops, with the aim of producing the freshest, most captivating theatrical experience.

Kwesi Johnson Artistic Director of Kompany Malakhi says:

‘Freestyle Forums encourages truthful debate from a different perspective, about how young people  feel about the Police, peer pressure or the effects of gangs or knife crime. It dares to reveal the real issues facing young people today.’

Freestyle Forums empowers people by presenting conflict resolution skills through interactive theatre. It is quick and responsive improvisation to issues presented to the forum from the audience who are known as ‘spect-actors’, allowing participants the ability to engage in debate in a safe and accepting setting.  The show challenges perceptions and inspires opportunities for learning, critical thinking, and presenting possibilities for change in the lives of young people and the communities they live in.

To find out more, to follow or interact with Freestyle Forums on Facebook visit us here.

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