Kompany Malakhi’s Top Ten Tips – On Stretching

We thought we would start at the beginning and offer you our Top 10 Tips On Stretching. Daily stretching will make your body more flexible, it prevents injury and promotes wellbeing

Stretching out before exercising is important yet often neglected, always incorporate stretches in your workshops. Make it a habit to stretch with a good routine at the beginning of each class.

1.Know your limits. Wherever you are, it’s important to know what your workout will involve. Understanding which muscles will be worked is the only way to know how to best stretch out.

2.Focus on those muscles. While a good overall routine is helpful, your emphasis should be on the muscles or areas in the body that will be most heavily involved in your workshop.

3.Warm up before stretching. Include easy walking or a light jog within the space to warm up your muscles, it will make the stretching session much more valuable.

4.Begin slowly. You don’t need rush into things, or touch your toes right away: Begin slowly and push yourself as your muscles loosen up. Stretching too much, too soon can be painful and potentially very harmful.

5.Hold the stretch. Once you feel your muscles reaching their limit, hold the position for a count of 10. Then gently push yourself a tiny bit little further and then hold again for a count of 10.

6.Don’t bounce! You will get the best stretch, and prevent injuries if you avoid bouncing. Instead, hold the stretch, and feel a constant pull in the muscles.

7.Don’t rush your stretching routine. If you’re going to have to cut your workout short, don’t skip or shorten the stretching. This is more important and less painful than pulling a muscle!

8.Do it again. Once you’re finished the workshop, if it has been physically intense, stretch again. Not only is it an excellent way to cool down from your class, but this is the time that you will improve your flexibility the most.

9.Stretch both sides. Many people have a tendency to under-stretch the ‘healthy’ side especially after an injury. Use the same stretches, for the same amount of time, for both sides of your body.

10.Get professional help. Kompany Malakhi’s top ten stretching Tips do not replace the hands on advice of our trained workshop leaders. For more advice on our workshops, tips and techniques subscribe to us, and get more information on our Education Programme training Public, Teachers and Practitioners.

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