Luke Harney

Luke joined the Kompany Malakhi Education team in 2009 as our freelance DJ, percussionist and music producer.

DJ, Percussionist and Music Producer

His work is influenced by a wide variety of music. Luke has had the opportunity to work across the music industry as a performer, recording artist, producer and workshop leader.

“It’s an honour to bring people together through music & art work. To always see new things come into the world, often a surprise to those bringing them through makes leading workshops an easy thing to be passionate about.

Luke delivers Language of Rhythm workshops for Kompany Malakhi. It explores the relationship between music and movement, composing rhythm by creating movement to inspire it, therefore allowing participants to investigate the association between the two artforms.

Luke also delivers single discipline workshops in DJ’ing, Music Production  and Percussion that create confidence, develop personal and team skills and develop knowledge of music, equipment within schools / colleges and creative exploration within the artform of music.

Creativity is our natural state & nothing needs to be added to help us to be more so – sometimes, however, it just helps to have someone there to encourage us in drawing it out. “

Luke is keen to work with teachers, technicians and staff from education settings to develop their knowledge and understanding of how to support and deliver music within their setting. Luke is passionate about sharing his musical and producing knowledge so that equipment within settings are used to achieve the best standards of support for individual and team development within music.

Luke is available to deliver training sessions to enable this and can share his knowledge not only with staff, but with young people to give them the skills of producing, recording and editing music in studios and on computers.

Contact the Education Team for more information on Luke and our team of creative associates.

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