Say My Name

Exploration of Movement and Physical Theatre Activity 1.

This activity helps focus concentration, and also removes some of the mental barriers to making movements and gestures.

  • Ask the class to get into a standing circle and explain the first activity will be a game to get them into the idea of making movements.
  • Ask the group to remember as many of the following actions as possible.
  • Each person says their name with a movement to accompany it. Each time a group member says their name, the group copy the way the name is spoken and the related movement. This carries on one by one around the circle.
  • The game starts when one person does the action accompanying their own name and follows with an action of someone else. The next person then repeats their own action and follows with someone else’s, and so on.
  • Staying on their feet ask them to move into a space on their own. Explain that you are going to call out letters of the alphabet and they are to form those letters using just their bodies.

Note, Capital letters are best.  Start easy and get harder: I, X, T, L, P,K etc. Remind them that the letters have to be read the correct way round and you are their audience!

  • Now ask them to get into pairs and make the following letters using two people: M, A, L, A, K, H, I,  etc.. reminding them of their audience.
  • Now get the pairs to join up into fours and ask them to spell out a message to the group using letter forms. They might want to do this making separate words as a unit, or single letters at a time, like a ticker-tape.  They will show these to the group/class and the class will read them …if they can!

Discuss what this technique could be used for in creating and showing drama. When might it be most effective.?

At the end of your workshop you can suggest they can record their own names, and can take pictures of it in their own time as a screensaver!  Obviously numbers count and it takes cooperation and coordination between them, remember some of their names will be easier to read than others!

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