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Burners Workshop

This amazing workshop uses graffiti art as the source to create movement for group and solo choreography.  It’s a solid introduction for generating a lot of movement in a short space of time and perfect for motivating boys to take part.  This plan  has been specially created and used for over 15 years by Kwesi Johnson, it works time and time again, for all levels of dance and most dance forms, it works! It can be used with any words or letters it doesn’t have to be graffiti based. You could use calligraphy or hieroglyphics.

The lesson plan is suitable for key stages 2+ and links to areas of the national curriculum such as – Physical Education, Literacy, Leadership, Communications, Dance and Choreography.

Click below and you can download the Burners workshop.

Graffiti workshop_1

What’s a Burner: Originally a well-done wildstyle window-down whole car, a burner is a very good piece. Obviously, the reference to a window-down car is not applicable for pieces that are not on trains. A burner is any piece that has good bright colors, good style (often in wildstyle) and seems to “burn” off of the wall.

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