Since 1994 under the Artistic Direction of Kwesi Johnson, the internationally renowned Kompany Malakhi has been creating unique and dynamic inter-disciplinary performances that fuse alternative movement styles such as contemporary dance, hip-hop, physical theatre, breakdancing, parkour and extreme sports. With a distinctly modern style and attitude, their dance performances reflect our diverse and multi-cultural society and tackle contemporary issues through a unique, fresh and exciting visual language.

Kwesi Johnson

Kompany Malakhi’s Artistic Director, Kwesi Johnson, graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and performed with some of the most prolific dance companies and choreographers around the world before creating Kompany Malakhi in 1994. His dance foundation is in breakin’, hip-hop, physical theatre and contemporary dance which he uses to create his unique style of work.

“I’m interested in creating work that has an unusual approach and result. Interacting with audiences and offering messages that often have a counter-culture foundation drive me to make work. I’m also interested in synthesis that creates something unique. Cultures that progress are often influenced by something outside their normal existence. I take this approach in my work which is reflected in Kompany Malakhi’s ethos and education work.

I strive for others to afford Kompany Malakhi creative freedom when we create work that is influenced by other disciplines and styles; we are essentially a physical theatre company influenced by many ideas and concepts.”

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