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Interdisciplinary Workshops

Promoting Kompany Malakhi’s interest in synthesising art forms to create something unique, these workshops can be tailor made for each group.

Physical Flicks

This workshop gets participants to analyse the meaning of their movement and choreography by using scripts, plays or song lyrics as their starting point. They will then create a short dance and capture it on film.  Perfect for bringing English literature, media, music and dance and drama departments together.

Language of Rhythm

This workshop finds different ways to create movement using a rhythmic structure and ways to create music using the dynamism of movement including contemporary dance, Irish Dance, body percussion, tap dance.  It is a very energetic exploration of movement and rhythm bringing music and dance departments together.

Parkour, Breakin’ and Physical Theatre

This workshop is perfect for boys and young men, but doesn’t exclude girls and young women. Combining Parkour, Breakin’ and physical theatre, it’s perfect for learning some incredible movement with a theatrical perspective.  A seamless blend of art and sport.

Konnako and dance

Combining vocal percussion sounds of classical Indian music and contemporary dance techniques to create polyrhythmic music and movement. A very interactive workshop of sounds, rhythm and movement and a real test for the participants musicality in previously unexplored ways.

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