Props or not?

Exploration of Movement and Physical Theatre Activity 3.

In pairs ask them to make a chair from their bodies. Ask someone to sit on one of the chairs to see if it works!

Ask them to make a wardrobe, a revolving door etc. (Anything you can think of really.)

Explain that quite often in physical theatre, the actors use themselves rather than props or set. What would be the advantage of using no props or set? Think of stage traffic etc.

Ask them to get into groups of about 6-8 and to show a room in a house with items of furniture and someone who will use those items. Share with the whole group. (There is nearly always a bathroom and a toilet! – usually boys!)

Turn their attention to other objects now… a motorbike, (clearly it doesn’t have to move!) a washing machine, a London Underground Escalator (with moving pictures along the side), a clock (analogue), a life support system, a dentist’s chair, etc.

Again, their imaginations are the only limit on this. However, they do like the motorbike to try out as a starting point.

Ask them to show their machines/objects to the group who can guess what they are.

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