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Rotations – all about possibility and movement

Kompany Malakhi’s show Rotations is a unique fusion of BMX flatlanding, breakin’ (breakdancing) and contemporary dance, creating a visually thrilling performance that is pulsing with energy, verve and invention. Across a stylised mini-skate park painted by world-renowned graffiti artist Paris, four highly skilled performers collaborate and unite through a fast and breathtaking series of high-energy twists, flips, breaks and world class BMX tricks.

“The show was incredible – I’ve never seen anyone breakdancing on a BMX or back-flipping off their head like that! Really, really fantastic!”
Audience reaction to Rotations

Rotations toured SUMMER 2011 to:
Church Stretton Festival
Bristol Harbour Festival
Edinburgh Mela
Riverfront, Newport

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