THE CARNIVAL toured Autumn 2011

Escape into a carnival of danger and delight – where light is dark, where women grow tails, where opera meets circus…

When a single shock announcement ends her dreamy dollhouse life, materialistic Mischa is caught in a storm and swallowed by a nightmare. Transported to a otherworldly circus ruled by the enigmatic ringmaster named Night, Mischa enters a realm of flying foxes, a fire-breathing violinist and dangerous quests.

She’s certainly not in Chelsea anymore – and they never told her how to handle this in Grazia.

A unique cocktail of circus, opera and physical theatre with a compelling musical score and an all-female cast, The Carnival will take you where Night is queen.

Kompany Malakhiworked with Charody Productions to bring audiences The Carnival in autumn 2011, it was a charismatic collision of opera and circus!

The Carnival previewd at:
New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth – Tues 25th Oct –
Leicester Square Theatre, London – Fri 28th Oct –

“A showcase of genius, but it’s utterly nutty”
Itchy London

“A riotously wild operatic circus that will delight the ears and eyes with its theatricality”
Le Cool

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